Spinning babies

A great resource for getting your baby into an optimal position for birth and learning more about what your baby’s kicks could be telling you.

AUNZ Food safety

Up-to-date and relevant information about healthy eating choices during pregnancy

Mater Mothers brochures

Find the Mater’s full library of brochures and patient information here.

Robyn Thompson breastfeeding method

This is the current best practice for intuitive and pain free breastfeeding

Baby swaddling

Swaddling 101 from Epworth hospital

Australian birth stories

This podcast is always a great listen to hear the many, many varied ways that babies choose to enter the world.

Perineal massage

This is a great visual guide (but not  graphic!) of how to perform perineal massage.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Breastfeeding support at all stages of your baby’s development.

Emma Jean photography

Pregnancy, birth and family photography so that you dont forget a single moment.

PANDA for mental Health

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Association. A fabulous resource for perinatal mental health.

The Morrison Hotel

The home of Brisbane’s best steakhouse and home to our classes. Conveniently located a short stroll from the hospital

Mater Mothers Private Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of the Mater Mothers Private Hospital including parking, birth suite and the postnatal ward and services.