The Team

Kathy Lerato

Hi, I’m Kathy Lerato. I have been a midwife and nurse for more than 20 years. I have worked in a huge variety of health care settings. Currently, I have the best job in the world. I am a midwife. I get to care for families throughout their pregnancy and parenting journey including when they first meet their baby. I am passionate about families having good quality pregnancy, birthing and postnatal information so they feel empowered to make the best decisions possible. I am supported in my journey by my husband and two great kids. 

Kieran Froese

Hi, I’m Kieran Froese (She/Her)

I have been a midwife for the past 15 years and I was a nurse for 7 years prior to that.

In my midwifery career I have had the pleasure of working with many diverse families throughout all stages of pregnancy. From early pregnancy to the big birthing day and guiding families in the six week transition to parenting. I try to focus my energies on helping women achieve positive experiences of their childbearing. 

I currently work full time in a continuity model of care and I have a wonderful family with my husband and three daughters.